LandOfCash Forex expert advisors, Trailing EA, Indicators.

Forex Trading Expert Advisors (EA or automated trading system) and Custom Indicators (CI) for MetaTrader Platform.

LOCTrailing With Partial Close Expert Advisor protect your orders profit. Trail stop level for manual and automatic orders with different algorithms, move stop loss into breakeven.

LOCInfo Custom Indicator follow the simple rules and make the right decision when to buy or sell. View Moving Average, Stochastic indicators from multiple time frames in one place.

 Indicators & Signals - Discuss indicator usage, custom indicator signals & behavior.
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Last Post by:MariamPedley   2020-05-23T06:03:55Z

 New PostsIchi360 Indicator

MarcoK  2019-06-25T11:39:06Z

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Last Post by:MarcoK   2019-06-25T11:39:06Z

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Last Post by:dlk   2018-01-17T01:09:27Z

 New PostsATRStop indicator
LOCTrailing EA atr strop method indicator

trooper  2013-05-24T21:28:15Z

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Last Post by:trooper   2013-05-24T21:28:15Z

 New PostsLOCSignal-CenterBollinger

evolus disillus  2012-04-02T16:32:13Z

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Last Post by:Steven Smith   2013-03-11T06:08:25Z

 New PostsLOCSignal-Alligator

trooper  2011-11-14T01:03:26Z

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Last Post by:Steven Smith   2013-03-11T06:06:15Z

 New PostsLOCBBands Bolindger bands based indicator with arrows
Just a customized bbands indicator to use with LOCTrader EA

trooper  2013-03-07T21:29:47Z

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Last Post by:trooper   2013-03-07T21:29:47Z

 New PostsLOCSignal-Parabolic

evolus disillus  2012-03-01T15:56:36Z

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Last Post by:trooper   2013-03-07T13:59:18Z

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Last Post by:alex   2012-03-21T18:37:47Z

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Last Post by:trooper   2011-10-10T23:20:40Z

 New PostsLOCSignal-KijunSenCross

trooper  2011-06-14T11:50:56Z

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Last Post by:trooper   2011-06-15T10:43:32Z

 New PostsKijun-Sen for trailing. What do you think?

trooper  2011-06-10T19:20:12Z

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Last Post by:trooper   2011-06-10T19:20:12Z
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