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Forex Trading Expert Advisors (EA or automated trading system) and Custom Indicators (CI) for MetaTrader Platform.

LOCTrailing With Partial Close Expert Advisor protect your orders profit. Trail stop level for manual and automatic orders with different algorithms, move stop loss into breakeven.

LOCInfo Custom Indicator follow the simple rules and make the right decision when to buy or sell. View Moving Average, Stochastic indicators from multiple time frames in one place.

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Selecting the right Forex robot can be difficult if you do not have a firm idea of what you are looking for. Forex robots, or automated trading systems as they are commonly known, are software programs that are used in order to make automated trades. The forex trading market remains active round the clock, with traders from all over the world buying and selling currency pairs. Due to the fact that it remains active all the time, most traders often want to generate as much money as possible. However, that’s difficult because a large number of investors who trade in the foreign exchange market often consider it as a side business.

They don’t invest all of their time and energy in the foreign exchange market. To take advantage of this, many companies have released forex robots, or automated trading systems. These systems generally work in the background and use complex algorithms in order to make trades in the forex market. There are hundreds of different software programs and forex robots that you can choose from. Needless to say, not all of these deliver top notch performance. In fact, many people who end up buying forex trading systems often feel that they were swindled out of their money. The program just doesn’t deliver upon the exaggerating promises that it makes. Therefore, in order to give you a better idea of which forex robot you should choose, here are a few tips:

Reading customer reviews is the best way to figure out whether a forex robot is worth your money or not. There are plenty of different robots available in the market, but finding the right one is difficult. However, there are several websites that record reviews from customers who have used certain software programs. Read testimonials and reviews in order to get a better idea about a software program and its features. Reading reviews about a particular program is a great way to save money in the long run. For instance, if a program is highly touted on its official website but has poor reviews from actual customers, you should avoid buying it.

Trial Versions
There are plenty of forex robots that come with free trial versions. You should not buy a forex robot without properly checking it out first. Using the program for yourself will give you an idea about its features, its user interface and whether the program is worth the money or not. One thing that you should know about forex trading programs is that virtually none of them can deliver endless streams of profits to your account. While they may be able to find information and integrate it in to their algorithms, you will need to supervise the deals made by the program if you want to save money. Many people often end up losing large amounts from their trading accounts just because they give full permission to the forex robot. Avoid making these mistakes when buying a forex robot.
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