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Every trader, at least once in his career has come across a trade setup that looks perfect at first but then when they start to analyse it, they begin to feel less and less sure about that trade. Unquestionably, it is good to study and analyse every trade setup before entering it but overdoing this process and overthinking about it can become a problem for you.

This is quite common in the trading world, traders often over-analyse themselves right out of a good trade setup and it can become a huge problem that can have several negative consequences on their trading performance.

One of the causes of over-analysing a trade setup are too many external influences. For example, news trading, financial events in the market, other people and etc. are the things that are useful but can make you over-analyse the market and become befuddled. These influences can cloud your mind and cause you to second-guess your trading strategy.

The solution for this problem is simple, ignore these influences. You should focus more on mastering your strategy, sticking to your plan and accept the fact that those external influences only hurt your actions.

The next problem is psyching yourself out of a good trade. One of the worst feelings a trader can have is when he/she watches the very trade they left, take off in their favour. The sole reason of them not entering it was that they thought ‘too’ much about it. All the traders have been in this scenario once in their careers and the cure for this problem is again, simple, don’t think so hard about it.

Fear and ignorance are the two main causes of over-thinking in the trading world. You have got to accept the fact that when you enter the trading world, you are going to lose money at times. And as sooner as you understand this fact, the better, because it will allow you more time to start managing your risk.

Another problem with people that over-think about everything and second-guess themselves, not only in the trading world but in every field, is having very little confidence in themselves. The one useful technique I can suggest is using the screen time. Once you’ve got all the relevant knowledge and have mastered a certain strategy, screen time is the next step for you. Practice all your skill and plan on a demo account and when you think you are ready for the real world, start with a live account. But that too with small amounts as you don’t want to risk all your money in the start.

Everyone goes through these ordeal stages, it’s the ones that are dauntless and confident who step up and make a name for themselves. I myself have gone through some of these scenarios and I feel obliged to help my students not get involved in any of these, because it can ruin years of hard work and become a reason for mental stress.
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Analyzing is very important because when we analysis well then we will always be in good shape as far performance goes. Now, it’s true that if we do overanalyzing then we will make things complicated and that’s absolutely unnecessary. So, it’s vital we avoid doing actions which are uncalled for and only then we will be able to gain profits. I don’t do too much analysis instead I simply follow my broker OctaFX with their daily market updates feature while they also have setup on their web site through which I can monitor top traders. I feel very easy trading with all these benefits for me and allow me to be entirely relaxed with the work and keep me absolutely relaxed with things.
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