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I supposed most Forex Traders main worry is whether the currency pair that they are trading will go bullish or bearish as they wish it to be. If they are correct in their analysis, in matter of minutes and even seconds they make as much money as billions of their other fellow humans make in a month, year, and even years toiling under harsh working conditions. All that is accomplished with just pushing a couple buttons for buy or sell and close position. And of course, what large institutions and funds managers make in matter of days/weeks/months will be way out of reach of these mostly third world economic workers.

Who is the Global economic powerhouse?
According to the World Bank database, as of 1 Feb 2017, the United States is still the largest economy in the world with over USD18 trillion, or just over a quarter (24.3%) of the global economy. Second come China, Japan, and so forth as indicated in above chart. Interestingly, the US economy is bigger than the 2nd (China) and 3rd (Japan) combined economy (20.7%) and is also bigger than the combined economy (21.5%) of the 4th to 10th largest economy making up of Germany, United Kingdom, France, India, Italy, Brazil, and Canada. So, for now, no matter what the feelings are towards the Trump’s presidency & administration, world leaders are acutely aware of the clout that trades with the US has on their country’s economy. However, according to some studies like from Price Waterhouse Cooper, fast emerging economies like China and India will continue to grow faster than advanced economies like the US and Europe and that by year 2050, China with be No.1 followed by India and the US at No.3. Surprisingly or not surprisingly, by 2050, Indonesia might take the No. 4 spot, the UK could be down to the No. 10 spot, France could be out of the top 10, and Italy out of even the top 20 spots.

Feeding the growing world’s population
Also, by 2050, the world’s population is projected to reach 9 billion which will exert a bigger demand on the planet’s ability to feed and house so many mouths. The food problem will be exuberated by climate change, in particular rising sea levels due to melting ice shelves which will render many low-lying farmlands unsuitable for agriculture. Despite an increase in food production in recent decades, poverty and hunger remain closely related with an estimated 512 million of the 7.5billion undernourished.

Economic employment for the growing world’s population
Increasing problem of gainful employment for the fast growing population will be even more challenging. The push for economic growth in recent decades has led to substantial increases in wealth for large numbers of people across the globe, but despite huge gains in economic output, our current social, political, and economic systems are exacerbating economic inequalities. The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer resulting in, as of Jan 2017, that just eight individual men own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population of 7.8 billion people. While many workers struggle with stagnating incomes, the wealth of the super-rich has increased by an average of 11% a year since 2009.
As it is, increasing income inequality is already causing much economic and social unrest and damaging the health of our future economies.

Possible street scene from the not-so-distant future
Growing problems with Refugees and displaced population
Then there is the problem with the huge 65.6 million refugees (UNHCR 19-June-2017 figures) and displaced people in recent times which has grown into a humongous economic and social problem which will certainly not be an easy problem to solve. Initial compassionate feeling has grown into resentments and even hostility as the ever increasing refugee population stream across Europe and other countries.

Terrorism I am not going into this problem because it deals with religious & ideologies believes which will never be eradicated except for the complete & total removal of the source of the problem. History shows us that as long as there is a religion in this world which has the wealth & the power over another, there will be persecution and mass destruction & extermination in the name the religion these people professed.

What’s my vision of the not so distant future for planet Earth?
Without a reliable crystal ball, the future cannot be predicted with any degree of certainty. However, surmising from the geopolitical and economical that’s besetting our world, I think there will come a time when powerful nations will have to form a World Council of sort to prevent our planet from destructions by homo sapiens and even to play the role of Gods by deciding who lives and who should not. With the huge advances in technologies and medicines, the World Council can easily wipe out entire population without too much trouble. Current population of 7.6billion people is far more than our planet can sustainably support since the ideal figure is around 2billion people. What does the above got to do with the Forex Market?

You might be asking: "Huh! What does the above global problems got to do with the Forex Market?"
The answer is: Everything! The forex market is all about selling and buying of currencies because currencies need to be exchanged in order to conduct foreign trade and business. Commodities like all types of metals, oil, gas, and CFD indices etc have been added to the forex market which is also available for trading 24/5. If global economies crushes, so too will the human population’s faith in currencies because without the trust in currencies, these simply becomes mere pieces of prettily printed pieces of paper. In a world without currencies, then we Forex Traders will be buying and selling fruits & vegetables against meat & dairy produces. Then our abbreviation for the trade would be long or short FV/MDP…or when selling or buying textile against cotton, that would be TT/CT or something like that.
In such a scenario, we humans would be back to barter trading where, perhaps, half a sack of potatoes might get you a chicken.

As long as the global economies are doing reasonably well, we humans will still have faith in currencies and be able to conveniently carry them around in our wallet/purse and exchange them for goods which we desire. Now imagine having to carry sacks of potatoes to exchange for meat or other products. Trade safely and responsibly….and don’t allow global worries & problems distract you from your trading strategies! May the pips be with you!
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Denmark’s economic freedom score is 76.6, making its economy the 12th freest in the 2018 Index. Its overall score has increased by 1.5 points, led by improvements in the judicial effectiveness, tax burden, and government spending indicators. Denmark is ranked 6th among 44 countries in the Europe region, and its overall score is above the regional and world averages.

Denmark’s economy performs notably well in regulatory efficiency. Open-market policies sustain flexibility, competitiveness, and large trade and investment flows, denmark currency  and the transparent and efficient regulatory and legal environment encourages robust entrepreneurial activity. Banking regulations are sensible, and lending practices are prudent. Monetary stability is well maintained, and the judicial system provides strong protection for property rights. Political pressure for expanded government spending has been increasing, but such institutional assets as high degrees of business efficiency and regulatory flexibility have counterbalanced some of the shortcomings of heavy social spending.

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