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Forex Trading Expert Advisors (EA or automated trading system) and Custom Indicators (CI) for MetaTrader Platform.

LOCTrailing With Partial Close Expert Advisor protect your orders profit. Trail stop level for manual and automatic orders with different algorithms, move stop loss into breakeven.

LOCInfo Custom Indicator follow the simple rules and make the right decision when to buy or sell. View Moving Average, Stochastic indicators from multiple time frames in one place.

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There are a lot of fraud in the industry and those are what we call market makers. They manipulate your trades so that you will lose money. And when you lose money, they will gain. They are always taking the other side of the trade and do not push the orders to the liquidity providers. That is why you may have noticed huge slippage, glitches in your trading platform, orders not pushing through- these are because they are manipulating your orders. Some are notorious for creating spikes, they do it in order to take out customer’s stops. Some market maker brokers also freeze their platform during news announcements or increase spreads. Beware of these companies. Deal with only the true STP/ECN. Redbullfx is your better alternative.
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Scammers are really all over the internet. Some bogus FX brokers take advantage of newbies. We all need to be really wise and smart. Forex brokerage  Alpari is a company that you can trust because of its regulation and innovative services and tools.
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Dodgy CFD or forex brokers pop up all the time.
What I've learned... when you read broker reviews and see so many positive reviews... be careful.
Don't let them fool you.
If something seems too good to be true, it probably is (not?)
Best CFD Brokers  - place fore CFD and forex brokers.
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Frauds in Forex is very common and there is really no way one could get off it without doing proper research. I am always focusing on that and it’s easier when you do proper research, it’s impossible to go anywhere otherwise.
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