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Trading psychology is a complex subject and particularly Forex trading psychology has gained much more attention as the Forex market has expanded in recent years. The decision to enter the trading industry requires in-depth self-analysis. You should ask yourself questions such as “what are my weaknesses?” and “what are my strengths?”. Once you can identify your weaknesses and strengths, then you are better prepared for understanding yourself and in turn understanding the intricacies of Forex trading psychology.

Weaknesses in the Forex Trading Psychology
Some weaknesses that tend to surface in Forex trading psychology is the susceptibility to performance anxiety. In other words, the trader tends to make irrational or poorly planned decisions when they are not raking in profits or they have recently suffered a loss. The best way to prepare in advance in order to avoid such pitfalls of Forex trading psychology is to practice trading on a demo account until you have created a trading plan which best fits your personality.

Benefits of the Demo Accounts

Some personalities tend to react better to stressful situations while others tend to crumble under such pressure. The freedoms given in a demo account can help you learn about yourself and what the best strategy may be for you. It is always important to remember that some confidence in Forex trading psychology can be a valuable asset and will push you to make the trades necessary for a profitable trade. On the other hand, an excessive level of confidence will push you to make trades wrought with unnecessary risks.

Forex trading psychology according to well experienced traders is simply the ability to balance risk management with your motivation to make a profit. Unnecessary risks can be avoided with a set trading strategy. Establishing a trading strategy is easy once you have substantially practiced on your demo account.

Fixed Trading Strategy

A fixed trading strategy is one of the basic pillars of Forex trading psychology in order to establish some basic ground rules before entering the market in a live account. Your personalized trading strategy will enable you to avoid the pitfalls of Forex overtrading or Forex undertrading. Forex overtrading tends to occur when traders become anxious about a loss or feel the need to make as many trades as possible when in fact this never proves to be a profitable approach. Forex undertrading is another extreme of the Forex trading psychology in which the trader lacks confidence and misses opportunities because of their fear. In you want to find more options and strategies, you might check trading website, such as Forex Library.
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I absolutely agree with this, I believe it’s vital that we understand our own strength, as when we do that then we will be able to work it out with ease and comfort, but if we are not able to understand things properly then we might not be able to perform all that well. I find demo account very dull and boring, so that’s why I go for alternative way and that is with OctaFX broker. They have excellent demo contest facility, so through that I am able to work it out nicely especially through their cTrader demo contest, as its weekly based with having 400 dollar prize to be won, so I like it all so much and enjoy working.
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